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Music Director Search

August 31, 2023, 8:00 PM

Hi there! We're on the lookout for a Music Director to join our vibrant congregation in Catonsville, Maryland. If you have a passion for creative worship planning and bringing new musical experiences to a congregation of music lovers, you might be the perfect fit! This is a maximum 20-hour-per-week position, and we're open to candidates applying for specific portions of the role they're interested in or qualified for—whether it's as Choir Director, Worship Coordinator, or Organist. 

Worship Planning (about 6 hours per week)

- Collaborate with the pastoral staff to plan music for our weekly Sunday worship service at 11 am while working with  the Worship Support Team

- Come up with fresh opportunities to engage singers and instrumentalists of all skill levels from the congregation. 

- Connect with local musicians to occasionally feature new musical guests in worship. 

- Put together special musical events, like concerts and workshops, that are open to the congregation and the greater community.


Organ Playing (about 5 hours per week)

- Showcase your organ-playing skills during weekly Sunday worship services.

- Play for weddings, funerals, and special events as needed. 

- Make sure the organ, pianos, and bells receive regular maintenance and upkeep. 


Choir Directing (about 5 hours per week)

- Rehearse our adult choir and create a sense of camaraderie among its members.

- Rehearsals will be on Thursday nights from September to May, 7:30-9:30pm. 

- Work with soloists and instrumentalists outside of rehearsals as necessary. 


Administrative (about 5 hours per week)

- Attend weekly staff meetings as scheduled by the pastors, and give updates to the church board when needed.

- Be the budget maestro and collaborate with the worship committee to prepare and manage the music budget.

- When life happens and you can't make it, arrange for a substitute to keep the music going.



Compensation and Benefits

This position is budgeted for 20 hours per week and $36,000-$41,000 per year. However, based on the applicants we receive, there is a possibility we would divide these roles (and accompanying hours/compensation) between multiple hires. So don’t count yourself out if you don’t meet one of the requirements!

Vacation days consist of four Sundays and four rehearsal days (currently Wednesdays) per year. The music director is responsible for arranging their own substitutes.  

Sick time âœ“

Health insurance âœ“


- Passionate about music and its role in worship.

- A natural team player who can collaborate with the pastors, worship committee, and fellow musicians.

- Experience in conducting choirs, playing the organ, worship planning, or administrative tasks would be awesome, but we're open to considering dedicated newcomers too!

- A spiritual connection to music and a willingness to engage Christian themes and ideas is preferred, but that doesn’t mean you need to call yourself a Christian.

A little bit about us…

We are Christian Temple, the church with a funny name in Catonsville, Maryland! We are an Open and Affirming congregation, which means we welcome and celebrate the image of God in all people—especially LGBTQ+ folks and anyone else who’s found themselves on the margins of society or the church. 

We’re a Disciples of Christ congregation, which is the name for a small Mainline Protestant denomination whose only doctrine is that “there is no doctrine but Christ.” Basically we believe that people can and should believe very different things about God, and they can still belong to the group of people who call themselves the Church. We “Disciples” (as we call ourselves) are also known for taking communion every single Sunday and making a point of the fact that everyone is welcome to partake, regardless of belief. 

Our particular congregation is about to embark on a year of play as incorporating wonder, imagination, and creativity into worship and we’d love our next music director to be a part of the journey! 

On a Sunday morning at Christian Temple, you can expect to see people of all ages, dressed in a mix of casual and formal attire, worshiping in a variety of ways. We’ve been averaging around 100 congregants in-person on Sunday and have many individuals and families worshiping online through our media ministry. There’s no such thing as a “typical” service for us, but many include several organ pieces, a few congregational hymns, an anthem from the choir, or another special performance. Our worship services are as likely to include bluegrass guitar as they are to include a brass quartet. Recent songs from the choir have included music from a range of genres—pieces by Dan Forrest, Mozart, and Moses Hogan. 

We had many active musical groups before the pandemic hit, and we slowly reintroduced music programs as it became safe to do so. We consider ourselves truly blessed to have enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers who brought our music programs back to life after quarantine. Here’s a glimpse of our music ministry today: 

  • Weekly music from the Adult Choir (25 members)

  • Monthly music from the Bell Choir (10 members)

  • Monthly music from the Children’s Choir (15 members)

  • Quarterly music from the Church Band (8 members)

  • Regular paid soloists and ensembles

  • Organ music 50 Sundays a year

  • Seasonal concerts

  • Every worship service is live-streamed

You Should Know:

We’re open to our future music ministry looking different than it has in the past, and our congregation is eager to be led and inspired by the creative gifts and passions of our next music director. 

How to Apply:

Look, we don’t need you to send us a cover letter and resume. What we would like to see from you is something that answers these questions:

  1. Why do you want the position?

  2. What relevant experience do you have?

  3. Can you show us an example? 

If a cover letter and resume/CV are the best way for you to go about providing responses to those, go for it! If you’d like to take a more creative or informal approach, we’d love to see that, too. Please make sure to send us a video or audio clip showing off your musical talent—whether that’s singing, playing an instrument, directing a choir, or something else entirely! Submissions do not have to be “Christian”—whatever that means. We just want to experience work you’re proud of! Application packets can be submitted by emailing . We will accept applications until the position is filled, but the priority deadline is October 30, 2023. The position could start as early as December 2023. If you have questions, contact


If you're interested in sharing your musical talents and helping us create an uplifting worship experience, we'd love to hear from you! Apply for the portions of the position that resonate with you, and let's make some beautiful music together! 🎶💒