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The Seed: February 13, 2022



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February 13, 2022






This Week at Christian Temple

Join us this Sunday for our second week of in-person worship when we will be remembering the Week of Compassion AND sharing some of the stories of our recent efforts to resettle the Mohammady family as they have made their way from Afghanistan, through Pakistan, Qatar and New Jersey, on their way to their new home in Cockeysville. The Week of Compassion exists to give us an avenue to help those who are beyond our reach in places like tornado ravaged Kentucky. This financial help is so needed. Other times, though, people who could use a hand, come within our reach which has been the case over the past few weeks. Join us as we tell stories of how LOVE has been shared thanks to the grace of God.



NEW SESSION! Starts February 13th (9 AM)

Groundhog Day: The Effects of the Pandemic on Our Mental Health

Feel like we are not getting anywhere with the pandemic? You are not alone. Join us on as we explore how the pandemic is affecting our mental health, including those of us who were already living with mental health challenges.



Here is an excerpt from Jayna Powell's Facebook post that gives us a taste of how Christian Temple reached out last week with God's love and generosity.

Nasir and Maryam Mohammady kept saying, “We have no words for how we feel.” But the truth is, even though we filled their new home with ALL the essentials, it was them who offered us a gift. We learned what family means. Over and over they said, “You are our family now. We are family.” It just doesn’t get any better than this. Your generosity astounds me. We will be able to continue to help this family become independent (after living in tents for over 5 months!) and help others as well.

Our next step in offering assistance to help resettle Afghan families will be to explore becoming a "Good Neighbor Partner" with a family being resettled through the group, Lutheran Social Services. While we will continue to connect with the families we've already come to know, we will consider pursuing this avenue that will give us an opportunity to extend our care over a longer period of time.

Anyone who is interested in being part of this team is invited to contact the church office, or Rick at  or Jayna Powell at



We will be seeking volunteers to help the Mohammady family in various ways. Right now, someone who can help get the kids in school (so help with forms), help get food stamps, and help get medical assistance (again help with forms) would be wonderful. They are in need of a phone (if anyone has a nice old one), drivers to appointments will be needed soon, leads to entry level jobs, and a BIKE!  More to Jayna at  if you want to be involved in any way!










For many years a group of women (affectionately known as the "Tuesday Ladies") including Betty Moore, Donna Goon, Shirley Braddy, Diane Preisinger and Catherine Broadwater sorted clothes that had been donated to Paul's Place. This week they were back at it at Christian Temple!



I’ve used this column before- during Christmas I think- to point out the time I saw a woman at the mall wearing a “World’s Greatest Grandma” sweatshirt, gnashing her teeth, and swatting the back side of a toddler I can only assume was her very grateful granddaughter. That was probably as unfair then as it is now. Who knows what had happened leading up to that moment, right?

Truth is, I don’t think I’ve seen people of my generation any happier than when they become grandparents. Life is changed in the twinkling of an eye. Priorities get rearranged. Curmudgeons become softies. Golfers become horseys. Professionals jump at the chance of having their hair fixed by toddlers. What joy!

Of course, that purity of joy is mostly for us folks with privilege. For others, the shift to being grandparents can be a little harder. It means raising kids, again- sometimes with the active help of the parents, other times not so much. Often in addition to working full time.

Either way, grandparents play an important role in our personal lives. All of us who have good, vivid memories of our grandparents are richly blessed.

But today’s word to the wise is to suggest that families aren’t the only institutions that thrive on grandparents. Churches do too.

When our family arrived on the scene at Christian Temple a generation ago, we were fortunate to have a strong contingent of individuals and families in our own cohort group. We all sort of grew up together at church, didn’t we? While we were probably a little too focused on families with kids and may have excluded some who were looking mostly for other adults to do church with, the prominent presence of children in and around the church shaped who we were.

But make no mistake. Whatever growth we experienced during those years wasn’t just because of the parents and their children. It was also- and maybe primarily- because of that generation who had already raised their families in the church- or never had families- but stuck around to be our ‘congregational grandparents’.

There were the grandparents who sat through very long talent shows filled with gross skits and really bad jokes! There were the ones who entered bidding wars with each other over cherry pies and homemade dinners. And, most impressively, there were the grandparents who didn’t see Youth Sunday as a day off from church, and whose favorite worship service of the year was when the kids talked about their work trip.

Just like in our families’ lives, the grandparents bring the magic. That’s the way it was then. And, as we enter a new chapter in our lives and focus on a new generation of adults who often have kids, I’m pretty sure that’s the way it still is. We are so much stronger when those who have raised their families in the church step into their new roles as congregational grandparents. It may not bring quite as much joy as being called GaGa, (or Oma, or Gigi, or Poppy) but it makes the rest of us so richly blessed.

Shalom, Rick



A Note from Kecia Johnson...

Please help to update our records! I am asking ALL Christian Temple families with kids aged Birth to 8th Grade to complete and submit this Form --->



Hello CAW/Transformer Families! This February let us show "some love" to our local community by filling the Little Free Pantry (upper parking lot of Christian Temple Church). Sign-Ups are every Wednesday and Sunday in February. Please, refer to the email from Ms. Kecia for Pantry suggestions.

Sign-Up here --->



From Laurie Lane...

If you are interested in increasing your awareness and understanding of systemic racism, please try some of the activities in this year's Black History Month Challenge Calendar. The following link will take you directly to the calendar as well as 2 other pages that give details and links to the activities, along with the time needed for each:  BHM_2022_Challenge.pdf

If you would like to learn more about the committee and/or have your name added to the email list so you can read about upcoming events and actions being taken, please contact Jeff Bolognese at or Vickie Lord at



Tips for Parents

1. Be attentive, and observant. When your child/teen wants to talk, take the time to sit down and listen, and be present.

2. Be observant if your child/teen behavior changes such as change in appearance, demeanor, inappropriately dressed, getting into trouble at school.

3. Set boundaries on the amount of time per day your child/teen spends on social media.

4. Discourage your child/teen from spending the night at someone else's house. Visits are fine, but pick them up before bedtime.

5. If a teen has an "older boyfriend" this could be a red flag

6. Speak to your child/teen about the photos they post on social media, and the personal information that is freely given out such as school, address, cell phone no etc....

7. Encourage your child/teen to participate in activities to keep them free from boredom. Sports, dancing, theater, school/church activities etc..

Tips for Children/Teens

1. Do not post personal information online. (age, DOB, address, telephone no., school)

2. Do not communicate with someone who has made you feel uncomfortable and afraid. Be sure to tell your parents or a trusted adult.

3. Do not join online groups, chats, or games without talking to your parents.

4. Do not meet with someone you met online without telling your parents/guardian first.

5. Do not click on any link that you do not know, and you are not sure is legitimate.

6. Do remember that people may lie online, and say they are something or someone they are not.



Every Wednesday at 9:30 to 11 AM, a group of Christian Temple members meet via Zoom to learn and discuss topics about Christianity, the Bible, other religions of the book, religious history, and a variety of other religious topics. Beginning on January 26, 2022 and for the next 23 weeks we will be studying about “Jesus and His Jewish Influences.” If you are interested in furthering your understanding of Christian traditions, practices, and theology we invite you to join us on our journey.

We know that Jesus was born of Jewish parents, that he obtained Jewish religious training, and preached throughout Judea his understanding and views of biblical Jewish law. His followers carried on his teachings, practices, and legacy through Christianity. The aim of this study is to obtain an understanding of how Jesus’s teachings and views were shaped by his Jewish background and context, and illustrated by selected passages from the canonical Gospel accounts. Here is the Zoom link to join us in this study:



The New Year is always a good time for a change! Watson Hall Montessori School is in the process of selling a portion of its classroom furniture and educational toys. So much stuff accumulates over the years! If you are interested in purchasing some of these items, please contact Kenda Watson at She would be able to tell you a general description of what is left and also set up a date/time for you to view these items.



Each Sunday from 10:15-10:45, the Kids Choir meets on Zoom to learn about Jesus through music. We'd love to have your child join us this Sunday! The Zoom link is also posted each week in the Sunday Morning Worship & Information email.  



The church directory is now back up on the website! It is password protected, so you will need to log-in to your Members & Friends account to view the directory. This document is updated every month or so and should provide you with the latest contact information. (A revision date is on the lower front cover of the church directory.) Please know that we only include contact information in this document that a member or friend would like to have published.

As always, feel free to contact Robin by email or phone 410-747-2041 if you would like to make any changes or additions to your information.

To view the directory, please CLICK HERE

If you are not logged into your Members & Friends account, then please follow the directions on the Traditional Church Directory page (located under Archives). If you have any difficulties, please feel free to contact Robin.



Our email distribution lists are almost up-to-date, but we are concerned that we may have missed a friend or two during this process. If you know of anyone who isn't receiving the J&C and/or The Seed, please ask them to let the office know. Contact Robin at 410-747-2041 or at Thank you!



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