With Warmth
July 1, 2017, 12:00 AM

You would have wanted to be a fly on the wall last week during Vacation Bible School. Over the past year I have seen many remarkable displays of community here at Christian Temple but nothing quite compares to the faithful dedication of our VBS volunteers. When I break it down, at least the number doesn't seem all that substantial, but three hours a day for five consecutive days ends up making a huge impact on everyone involved-the kids, volunteers, parents and the church at large. The months of planning really paid off when considering the smile on one child's face as he reminds the adults that his favorite part of VBS is packing gift bags and writing notes to the guests of the Lazarus Caucus a faith-based, non-profit organization created to assist the homeless and formerly homeless, or when you can barely hear yourself think over the sheer decibel volume of kids screaming with excitement when they see the bluish green liquid gurgling and spilling over top the freshly mixed science experiment, or experiencing the level of engagement with the days biblical story, the puppet theater or the electric energy of morning worship with song and movement; I could go on but I would rather you be that fly on the wall or better yet take some time out and volunteer next year. I saw the kiddos come alive in new ways and was reminded of the love for our living God. As we continue to pour our love and support into our children, lets honor VBS for the incredible display of community and the ministry it provides to Catonsville area.  I know I am changed by this experience in ways that I haven't fully processed and I thank the staff and volunteers for their compassionate and patient service to Christian Temple. 


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