My Two Cents
February 23, 2020, 12:00 AM

This, inspired by the brave and gracious Palestinians living in the town of Bethlehem

in the West Bank. Sung to the tune of, well…you know.


O teeming maze of Bethlehem, the spires fill up your skies;

With parapets and minarets, and steeples rising high;

While in your streets and alleys, life thrives and races by,

With hopes and fears from years and years, of people asking, “why?”


Why in this town where Christ was born, are children on their own,

To navigate through so much hate, whenever they leave home,

Why people of good conscience, refuse to hear their pleas,

Why ever present soldiers impose their brand of peace,


One day in this town, Bethlehem, the cradle of our faith,

May Muslims, Jews, and those who choose for Jesus find their place,

To pray on bended knees or, to gaze upon the stars,

And dream that one day not far off, this town- for all of us.


Shalom, Salam, Amen.