My Two Cents
October 27, 2019, 12:00 AM

Yesterday in Battery Park, New York, a couple dozen people started walking- south. They will arrive in Philadelphia on Friday. And they plan to get to Baltimore on the following Thursday, November 7th.

These walkers (or marchers, I guess) are sure to enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery along the way of their very long walk. But that’s not the primary reason for their adventure. The plan is to for the walkers to arrive in Washington DC, gathering travelers along the way, on November 12th so that they’ll be able to stand on the steps of the Supreme Court.

Why November 12th? This is the day when the Supreme Court will hear the case involving DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). The fate of an estimated 700,000 people who were brought to this country as children could be determined by the arguments and deliberations in the Supreme Court on this day. Also, this fall, lower courts around the country are deliberating the status of the TPS (Temporary Protective Status) Program through which over 300,000 have been granted permission to stay in this country due to the likelihood of danger back home. Many who are here on TPS have lived in the country their entire lives, and have children who are now US citizens. Their deportation will mean separating them from their parents.

So what does all of this have to do with us? Well, there is that pesky call God has given to those of us who are part of the Abrahamic faith traditions to welcome the stranger. And, there are those words on the Statue of Liberty that asks us to welcome “the homeless, tempests tossed, to our shores.” But, in addition to both of these mandates, we have a very specific interest in these marchers and their cause.

They need a place to sleep on Thursday and Friday, November 7th and 8th. The group will arrive here on Thursday evening. While they are here they will stay overnight on our floors, clean up in our showers, and rest up for the last leg of their journey. In addition to these offerings, we would like to provide them with some food for Friday and Saturday breakfast and Friday lunch.

Anyone who is interested and able to contribute something toward this effort is urged to let Vaughn Ouellette know. We’ll need things like pastries, fruit, bread, lunchmeat, and cheese- those kind of things. Food items may be brought to the church anytime on Thursday, November 7th.

And, in the meantime, check out “March for DACA and TPS- Home is Here” at to learn more about this effort. At a time when people who have fled the lives they have loved and lost to find new life in this country- which is true for most all of us in one way or another- it is a good thing to be in the business of hospitality. If not for the immigrants themselves, then for the ones who are making this offering on their behalf.

Welcome to Worship!