My Two Cents
September 1, 2019, 12:00 AM

In his song “Buffalo River Home” John Hiatt uses the line, “Now, there’s only two things in life, but I forget what they are”. I love that!

Oh how we long for the wise to make things simple for us. We are hungry to hear about the seven habits of highly effective people. We can’t wait to try out the six rules for tidying. And what about the first five people we are going to meet in heaven.

Anyone remember the Prayer of Jabez? So simple. Almost as simple as “Everything I Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”.

Lists and “steps” have been around for as long as we have. And they have their place. We can do a lot worse than to live our lives by the Ten      Commandments or the eight beatitudes. For decades the Twelve Step    program has, as another song says, “made men out of monsters”.

Keeping things simple can keep us on the right track. Those who have the gift of making things simple also make the world a better place. One     definition of a prophet is that she says something that has never been said before, in such a way that it sounds compellingly simple. Simple can be very good.

But we are also wise to remember that sometimes things just aren’t that simple. Simple has its limits. And, when we’re in the middle of a mess, the last thing we may need is for someone to reduce our situation down to an easy fix by saying something like, “Well, in my experience there are only two things in life.”

The thirteenth chapter of Hebrews gives us this first century list of six “things in life” we should remember:

- Let mutual love continue

- Do not neglect to show hospitality

- Remember those who are in prison

- Let marriage be held in honor by all

- Keep your lives free from the love of money, and,

- Remember your leaders

Okay. It’s an odd collection to be sure. I’m not sure it touches all the bases or solves all the problems of the world. I can certainly imagine forgetting it when the chips are down.

But it’s not bad. And it makes me wonder. If each of us had to make our own list of the most important things in life, what would the top six be?

Welcome to worship!