My Two Cents
August 25, 2019, 12:00 AM

“This is the life!”

Ever heard that phrase? Ever said it? Maybe just after stepping onto the balcony of your hotel room and looking out at the view? Or standing at the summit after the long ascent”

“This is the life!”

This week I discovered that “the life” isn’t always a good thing. In a Baltimore Sun article from July “the life” is the way women who are trafficked as sexual slaves refer to their existence. The article follows the story of Alex, the daughter of successful, strict parents whose “life” began when she was fourteen. She was stalked on the internet and caught by a man who preyed on her vulnerabilities and took her on what was to be a short road trip out west. It was six years before she was able to escape. Now, Alex has been free from “the life” for three years, is a community college junior with a 4.0 GPA and manages a small Baltimore bakery.

None of this would have happened without the services provided by The Samaritan Women, a very local twelve year old non-profit organization providing restorative care for victims of trafficking. The Samaritan Women was the first organization of its kind in Maryland and is one of very few places in the country offering its unique array of services. The southwest Baltimore campus is the home of a fourteen bed shelter, a large community garden, a commercial grade kitchen and a variety of healing spaces. To date it has served over 200 women.

This afternoon, Music on the Hill will offer all of us an opportunity to support the work of The Samaritan Women, as well as the life-saving work of Catonsville Emergency Assistance. While The Samaritan Women is offering its services to women in crisis, CEA is busy providing emergency food, eviction prevention and utility cut-off assistance. And today we all get to support both by wandering over to the ball field behind the church, listening to great music, enjoying a bite to eat, petting the animals, painting our faces, buying a cake or two and, along with our neighbors making a small donation to help those for whom “the life” has been anything but enjoyable.

Our text for worship today is all about Jesus healing a woman who had been bent over for eighteen years. While Alex was bent over for only six, we can be sure that Jesus is still very interested in her well-being. And this afternoon the body of Christ has an opportunity to see her and reach out.

Welcome to worship!