My Two Cents
June 30, 2019, 12:00 AM

This week all around the country our dinners were rudely interrupted by the sickening image of Oscar Martinez and his daughter Angie, laying face down on the shores of the Rio Grande river near Brownsville, TX. After seeing the image we heard bits and pieces of the story.


The two had already made it safely to the Texas side of the river when Oscar went back to get his wife. But as Angie saw her father swimming away she jumped in after him. The two weren't able keep up with the current and drowned while mom watched from the other side of the river.


Just awful.


On Wednesday when we saw the photograph on the news, the story followed one about how many of the swimming pools in Baltimore City are closed due to maintenance issues leaving hundreds of   children with no swimming options during this first summer heat wave, while kids in more well-to-do neighborhoods get to pick and choose which pool they want to swim in.


Injustice comes in wide varieties doesn't it. But it all boils down to the same thing. Some of us get more than others not because we deserve it but simply by accident of birth. Most of us reading these words are among these people. And it's not fair.

My guess is that we are all over the map in our opinions about a  political solution to the crisis at our southern border. But those of us who follow Jesus have a very clear mandate when it comes to     immigrants. We are called to welcome the stranger. We are called to extend hospitality to those who have no place to live. We are called to be horrified by images like the one we've seen so often this week. And we are called to admit that this happened in our country. It  wasn't somewhere over there. These two drowned while we were making our grocery lists for the week.


When it comes to water, sometimes the injustice is that there is too much to manage. Other times it is because there is too little. Either way, God asks those of us who have so much, to be troubled enough to ask ourselves, "What more can I do?"


Welcome  to worship.