My Two Cents
May 1, 2018, 12:00 AM


“Christian Temple Hosts Community Groups in newly purchased Catonsville Storefront”

“Christian Temple Finds Path to Growth by Merging with Other Congregations”

“Christian Temple designs Sunday Evening Dinner Worship for Those Who Aren’t Sure About Traditional Church”

Don’t worry, folks. This is fake news! All of these headlines came out of my head with the help of our newly formed Future Story Team, named by the official board.

These are all hypothetical headlines that may or may not appear in the Catonsville Times in April, 2023. Their purpose isn’t to predict the future, but to help us wonder together about how the church and our community might change in just five short years.

The ancient wisdom, “no one steps in the same river twice” has never been more true than it is now for the church.

Take worship. All of us who used to come to church out of obligation, or because there wasn’t much else to do on Sunday morning, now have tons of options. Soccer games, coffee shops, the garden, or just sleeping in a little on the one day we have to ourselves, have changed the landscape of what used to be the church’s special purview. At the same time, many of us hunger for the kind of connections and community the church offers- being in real time and space with other real people who care that we are there.

Or how about Christian Education?

While traditional Sunday school, Vacation Bible School, mid-week evening Bible studies and youth groups are being squeezed into small compartments of our kids’ busy schedules (somewhere between Japanese lessons and Yoga for Kids!) parents are saying now more than ever how they want their kids to know the stories of Jesus- how they want their kids to hang out with other kids they can trust.


Once upon a time we enjoyed stories of people serving God in faraway places and could be counted on to give money to those efforts. Now we want to make a difference right here where we live. “Making a difference in the world” ranks right up there at the top of the list of reasons people choose their faith communities- right next to meaningful worship services.


I remember carrying cassette tapes (along with the tape recorder) to homebound members so they could enjoy the audio version of the worship service- and that was cutting edge! Now, streaming and Youtube bring the whole sanctuary to us. And what about all that technology available to us in other ways. Are we more likely to read mail that arrives in the mailbox by our front door or the mail that lights up our screens? When it’s time to remind people of a meeting, do we phone, email, text, or send a PM message on Facebook.

Life is coming at us fast, and the word on the street is “be nimble”. If the church wants to be as important in the future as it has been in the past we need to be keenly aware of how the world is changing. In order to share the message of God’s promise of grace and requirement to do justice in the name of Jesus, we have to be light on our feet.

So, I invite us all to join together with the Future Story team to help us envision ministry emanating from Christian Temple five years down the road! Together we can turn what might otherwise be a scary future into an exciting adventure!



Contact any member of the Future Story Team with thoughts and suggestions The team is: Jimmy Sweet-Laughlin, Chair, Pat LaFon, Michael Stone, Bob Gerrett, Deb Kruse, Matt Bloedorn, Lexi Wick; Rick Powell and Cindy Wagner, Ex-Officio.