My Two Cents
July 1, 2017, 12:00 AM

I have in mind a few thank you notes we may never receive. But I’m sure the sentiment is sincere and enthusiastic. Here are just a few:


I’d like to thank you for the quality Vacation Bible School program you offered for my two children last week. The volunteers were enthusiastic and caring, and the program was well planned and  executed. My kids especially loved the puppet performances! Programs like this are a big part of why we love living in this community.


We just got back on our boat and will be sailing out of Baltimore  Harbor tomorrow morning, headed eventually for home in the          Netherlands. Upon our arrival last night, we went out for a bite to eat and asked our server, “Where should we go to get the full experience of July 4th in America?” “Catonsville” was the quick and certain response. After finding your concert listed online in the day’s programs, we caught a city bus and arrived at the church just in time. Thank you so much for such an inspirational   program. The parade and fireworks were just fine, but starting our day with such glorious music was the best!


Now that the harvest has begun, our family would like to thank you again for providing us with the opportunity to grow our own vegetables in the Catonsville Community Garden located just behind your church building. We’ve loved having the kids play in the ball field while we water and weed. Now they get to pick the fruits of our efforts and learn that food comes from someplace other than the grocery store!


We are all basking in the afterglow of the final performance last night of “Into the Woods”, this year’s STAR Drama Camp Musical. We don’t often take the time to say it, but we are so grateful that our children have a safe place to go where their creativity can be nurtured and their self-esteem enhanced. Thank you!


I don’t know how I’d make it through the summer without your playground.


We heard about the AA group last week while we shopped at the Farmer’s Market.


It’s so nice to have a school within walking distance.


So much of our ministry is cast into our community and world like the sower’s seeds. We may never hear from those who feel God’s grace through what we offer. But we can be assured that those seeds are taking root and that the love we share within this building is making a difference beyond our walls.






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