My Two Cents
April 1, 2017, 12:00 AM

Who’s the most important person at Christian Temple?  Hmmm…


After my epic failure to light the candles at the beginning of worship last Sunday, I’m tempted to say it’s the acolyte.


Or it could be the person who arrives at church early enough to park up on the top lot, but chooses the lower lot instead just for the exercise and to leave the space open.


Or, it could be the reader. Where would we be without the living word of God to anchor our worship?


A good case could be made that the most important person at Christian Temple is the first person we see when we enter the building. The warmth in his or her eyes sets the tone for the whole morning.


I’ve always thought that one of the most important persons at Christian Temple is the one who stretches loving arms out to a child who may or may not be happy, about being left in our nursery, but who just might grow up to love the church.


You know, now that I think of it, who could be more important than the one who senses that something is wrong with the woman sitting next to her in the pew and without any words lightly touches her on the shoulder as the prelude begins.


I know that some might say that the minister or the director of music and liturgy or the congregational resident are the most important. I’m not so sure, though. After all, we get paid to come.


No, as important as all these people are to Christian Temple, I don’t believe that any we’ve listed are the most important.


To me, the most important person at Christian Temple on any given Sunday is the person who wakes up not sure about coming to church, the person who has to will herself to turn into the parking lot, the person who climbs the steps and wishes he can turn around when he gets a glimpse of all those people standing around inside, the person who  is warmed by the handshake at the door, pleased at the smiles  in the Gathering, inspired by the music in the sanctuary, nervous about messing up communion, happy to make a quick exit without having to share too much information, and eager to text a friend after it’s all over,


“Went to church today. Can U believe it? It wasn’t bad. U should come with me next week.”


Yep. That’s the person we can’t do without.





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