My Two Cents
December 19, 2016, 12:03 PM

Here it is, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Over the past five days we’ve been busy. We left homes still smelling of turkey and gravy to find the deals on Black Friday. We snuck in a trip to the Main Street boutique before the movie began at the metro-plex to be in       solidarity with local merchants on Small Business Saturday. Some of us went to church to hang the greens on Sunday! We sat in front of our screens and ordered Christmas gifts from way over the river and through the woods- to be delivered right to our front door- on Cyber-Monday.

And now finally it’s Giving Tuesday. After all of that eating and shopping and strolling and browsing and pointing and clicking, we have an opportunity to give a little of what’s left over to charities that touch our hearts and lives.

The radio show that woke me up this morning told me how much it touches my heart and gave me an opportunity to give. Advertisements in the newspaper reminded me of how many people are doing such good things in our city. Messages from organizations I love and trust like the Week of Compassion and the National Alliance for Mental illness dropped into the inbox on my computer as I was eating breakfast.

Now it’s our turn!

True enough, most folks will not be reading this until at least a few days after “Giving Tuesday”. And, we know, we are asked to give practically every week on Sunday. But, here’s the deal: We have a unique opportunity before us to make a gift to Christian Temple in the month of December that will make a      difference for a long time to come!

Last spring our congregation voted to take our boldest step in many years toward increasing our capacity for ministry when we included the funds necessary to call Andy Eaker as our Pastoral Resident. The decision back in the spring was to underwrite that bold step by       approaching the congregation this month with an opportunity to BRIDGE THE GAP and make a one-time gift OR an increased pledge for the  remainder of the year to cover the cost.

Andy’s presence has blessed our community of faith in so many ways. He has reached out to the next generation of followers of Jesus- single young adults, new parents, children (or kiddos, as he calls them) and our youth. He has strengthened bonds with our community.     Meanwhile, we have provided him with an      opportunity to be a “pastor” to see how it feels. So much that is good and right.

So, whenever you happen to be reading this, please remember that, while there are so many fantastic organizations out there doing great work, only one of those has as its specific mission to pass along the faith tradition we’ve been so lucky to receive. This year we’re     bringing Jesus Christ to life in new and exciting ways.

Generous gifts from all of us will keep that     ministry alive!