Christmas Pageant 2016


Christmas Pageant Plans

The way the clock has been moving lately, before we know it, Christmas will be here!  As plans begin to shape up around here, we are excited to  announce a change in the Christmas Pageant. Employing the theme of Instant Pageant, this play will be a scripted event with  designated story tellers and audience  participation by way of song and  costume. As the story unfolds during the Pageant, the kiddo’s and adults are invited to wear the costume of the  nativity story they most identify with… we will have angels, innkeepers, shepherds etc.   There will be no need for the kiddo’s to learn much stage cues or spend extra time with memorization of lines.  Although, several familiar Christmas tunes and  carols are in order... we will use some existing Children at Worship time to  rehearse. Plus we will send a music file via email to help with learning the lyrics!

Watch for Andy and others as we begin to recruit volunteer readers and gather help from the creative minds among the Christian Temple family.




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