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April 3, 2022






We continue our worship theme of shining the light of the gospel on the various people who "were there when they crucified my Lord". This Sunday (just a little late for National Women's Month) we will pay attention to the women who were with Jesus until the very end- even after so many others had left. What does their presence then say to us now? And who, one wonders, are the women we have known who have shown us the way through their courage and witness?

Join us this Sunday!



A member of the church who was in worship on Sunday, March 27th, has tested positive for coronavirus. Our Pandemic Preparedness Policy obliges us to let the congregation know that this occurred. We ask that anyone who was in worship last Sunday, and who has tested positive in the past few days, to please call the church office (410-747-2041) and let us know.  If you would like to know more about what to do if you are sick or have coronavirus symptoms, you may CLICK HERE to visit the CDC website for additional information.



This Sunday, April 3rd, is the last day to order!

Spring is almost here, and it is time to start thinking about flowers! We have beautiful 10” and 12” hanging baskets - the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. We also offer a large variety in 4.5” pots (sold in 15-plant flats). New this year, we are offering herbs in flats. If we get 4 or (hopefully) more orders, we can create a mixed flat of herbs. Orders will be taken in the Gathering after worship or can be dropped off at the Christian Temple Office until April 3. All proceeds directly benefit our CYF work trips and activities! Please contact Maureen Pugh at Tentative delivery date is the afternoon of Thursday, May 5.

CLICK HERE to view and print your order form!



Sign-up for an Easter flower in honor or memory of a loved one. The flowers will be a beautiful addition to the sanctuary as we celebrate Easter!  You can pick up your flower after the Easter service or leave it to be planted at the church. The price is $11.50 per flower.  You can pay online through our website's Donation Tab or by check (Please write Easter Flowers in the memo line.)  

CLICK HERE for a Sign-up Sheet!



Each Sunday from 10:15-10:45, the Kids Choir meets on Zoom to learn about Jesus through music. We'd love to have your child join us! 

Beginning on Palm Sunday, April 10th, the kids choir will be rehearsing live in the Stone Classroom from 10:30 to 10:55. We will also have a zoom option for those who want to join virtually. The kids will be singing in the service both on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday!  

The Zoom link is posted each week at the end of this email, as well as in the Sunday Morning Worship & Information email.



At its most recent meeting the Official Board updated Christian Temple's Pandemic Preparedness Policy to more accurately reflect the current realities of the pandemic. Anyone who would like to see the policy as it now is written may CLICK HERE.


ESTATE SALE!  (Saturday, April 2nd, 9AM-2PM)

Bill and Betty Moore are getting ready to move soon to Charlestown, and they are having an estate sale at their current home address: 9375 Tiller Drive, Ellicott City, MD   21042-1752.  All are welcome!



Twenty Seconds That Can Change the World

Many of us watched in disbelief last Sunday evening as what had been a creative, fun, and sometimes inspiring broadcast of the 94th annual Academy Awards Ceremony, was derailed by an act of violence. By now most of us know at least something about what happened, but just in case…

Comedian and presenter Chris Rock told a joke that most agree was in bad taste about Jada Pinkett Smith’s closely cropped hair. The joke elicited an eye roll from Jada- who has been very open about her difficult diagnosis of Alopecia- and, at first, a laugh from her husband Will. But, as the camera turned back to the stage, Will’s reaction changed. Maybe he looked over at his wife. Or maybe the sting of the joke sank in.

What we saw next was Rock’s acknowledgment that something was amiss. “Uh oh”, he said, as Will Smith climbed onto the stage and came into view of the camera. Then, before the eyes of the world, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock with a right hand to the face. Smith stalked back to his seat while Rock tried to laugh off what had just happened. Once seated, Smith piled on, shouting an expletive laden threat to the stunned comedian.

Many people have weighed in on what happened at the Oscars last Sunday night. I especially appreciated Kareen Abdul Jabbar’s simple observation. In a blog post titled "Will Smith Did a Bad, Bad Thing," Abdul-Jabbar wrote that "with a single petulant blow, (Smith) advocated violence, diminished women, insulted the entertainment industry, and perpetuated stereotypes about the Black community." I think Kareem is right, but I hesitate to add to all that has already been said.

One thing, though, that kept occurring to me as I re-watched the incident was how utterly preventable it was. The elapsed time between the joke and the slap was a full twenty seconds. And it felt like an eternity.

Most times we tell our kids and ourselves to count to only ten. Will Smith had the chance to count to twenty. At any time during that twenty seconds Smith had the chance to moderate his behavior. He could have turned around after he stood up and flashed his signature smile. He could have paused at the top of the stairs, pointed a finger at Rock and let that be the end of it. He could have gradually slowed his pace as he stalked the stage and greeted Rock with an embrace from one entertainer to another, both of whom have everything they could ever possibly want from life.

And then, the two could have revisited the matter after cooler heads were allowed to prevail.

But that wasn’t what happened Sunday night. And, way too often its not what happens whenever conflicts arise, whether it’s between two megastars at the Oscars, or two kids out on a Baltimore Street corner, armed with fragile egos and small firearms.

Think about how much better our world could be if we all were better able to negotiate those twenty precious seconds.





Come join us at Bethany Beach this summer Sunday, July 31st – Thursday,  August 4th! We will be sleeping and eating at the Bethany Beach Conference Center in the heart of Bethany Beach, 2 blocks from the ocean. Meal service will be back in full swing this summer and so will group games, playing in the waves, reading on the beach, trips to the ice cream shops and to Mangos!  We need to get our reservations and deposit in ASAP! There are several dorm rooms available that work well for families, couples or even singles. Let Lisa Nichols know if you would like rate information and/or more details. or 410-530-0117.



Join us as Jayna Powell leads us in watching (and then discussing) a series of short films that have been nominated for Oscars in the past. Each film raises important personal and social issues that invariably lead us to look at ourselves and our relationship with others, with God and with the world. 

* The Zoom link is at the bottom of this email.



Fridays (1 PM), In-person in the Church Library

Starts March 11th  and ends on April 8th

Please join us!  We plan to meet each week on Fridays at 1 PM for a Lenten Bible Study entitled  Entering the Passion of Jesus- A Beginner's Guide to Holy Week.  If you would like to go on this journey with us, please call the church office at 410-747-2041 to let us know.   Each meeting will last about one hour.  We hope you can make it!  ~  Betty Moore and Barbara Cheadle (Discussion Leaders)



Going forward (and thanks in large part to our pandemic hiatus) our Sunday morning kids ministry will change a little from the program known as Children at Worship. Our new program, called Transformers, will still give our kids opportunities to learn and experience Bible stories, but we will add a hands-on outreach component that will give our little ones an opportunity to learn the importance of serving others. Our hope is that this combination of story and service will, indeed, be transformative for our kids.



A Note from Kecia Johnson...

Please help to update our records! I am asking ALL Christian Temple families with kids aged Birth to 8th Grade to complete and submit this Form --->



Watson Hall's New Year Sale is almost over! If you are interested in classroom furniture and/or educational toys, then this is the sale for you! So much GOOD stuff can accumulate over the years! If you are interested in purchasing some of these items, please contact Kenda Watson at as soon as possible. This deal will only last a few more weeks! Kenda will be able to give you a general description of what is left and also set up a date/time for you to view these items



Every Wednesday at 9:30 to 11 AM, a group of Christian Temple members meet via Zoom to learn and discuss topics about Christianity, the Bible, other religions of the book, religious history, and a variety of other religious topics. Beginning on January 26, 2022 and for the next 23 weeks we will be studying about “Jesus and His Jewish Influences.” If you are interested in furthering your understanding of Christian traditions, practices, and theology we invite you to join us on our journey.

We know that Jesus was born of Jewish parents, that he obtained Jewish religious training, and preached throughout Judea his understanding and views of biblical Jewish law. His followers carried on his teachings, practices, and legacy through Christianity. The aim of this study is to obtain an understanding of how Jesus’s teachings and views were shaped by his Jewish background and context, and illustrated by selected passages from the canonical Gospel accounts.  Use this Zoom link to join us:



The church directory is now back up on the website! It is password protected, so you will need to log-in to your Members & Friends account to view the directory. This document is updated every month or so and should provide you with the latest contact information. (A revision date is on the lower front cover of the church directory.) Please know that we only include contact information in this document that a member or friend would like to have published.

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